When we built the gaming platform for Heineken, Not all nights out are out, we wanted to make bars feel more like games and games feel more like bars. Real Game Bars is an activation in partnership with Valorant that served to announce Heineken 0,0's sponsorship of the VTC Americas competition. Designed after one of Valorant's most popular maps, we filled the Icebox Bar with easter eggs that players of the game would recognize and appreciate. Our aim with gaming activations has always been that they ring true to gamers and with this one we hit the mark.​​​​​​


Global Chief Creative Officer Publicis WW: Bruno Bertelli  
Global Chief Creative Officer: Cristiana Boccassini & Mihnea Gheorghiu
Chief Creative Officer Brazil: Felipe Cury
Global Executive Creative Director: Andrey Tyukavkin
Creative Director Brazil: Greg Kickow & Alex Adati
Associate Creative Director Italy: Stefano Zanoni & Roberto Ardigò
Senior Copywriter Brazil: Vinicius Biss
Art Director Brazil: Mauro Elton
Junior Art Director Brazil: Ana Carolina Miranda
Junior Copywriter Brazil: João Eustachio
Junior Art Director Italy: Victor Lopez
Junior Copywriter Italy: David Casares
Global Head of PR & Communication: Isabella Cecconi
Global Strategy Director: Monica Radulescu & James Moore
Head of Strategy Brazil: Silvia Paes
Global Data Strategist: Ilko Petkov
General Manager Brazil: Ana Hernandes
Business Director Brazil: Jayme Neto
Group Account Director Italy: Ilaria Castiglioni
Global Chief Production Officer: Francesca Zazzera
Producer Brazil: Marcia Lacazze
Producer Post-production Italy: Sabrina Sanfratello

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