After announcing the virtual Heineken Silver as a tease inside Decentraland, we designed the global launch activation to announce that it was actually a real product. Reflecting on how the experiences inside the Metaverse are not real, we designed a venue to convey what going to a bar inside the Metaverse would feel like. Enter 'The Metabar'.

The bar's staff, from Bouncer to DJ, from Bartenders to Dancers, were avatars with pre-programmed dialogue that invited the attendants into a phygital experience. When users went to the bar for an extra refreshing Heineken Silver, they were tricked into believing that the beer too was digital, only to reveal shortly after that it was in fact the only authentic thing in the venue, for real. ​​​​​​​


Campaign: The Virtual Heineken Silver

Cannes Lions 

Silver Lion - Social & Influencer

Silver Lion - Digital craft

Silver Lion - Brand Experience & Activation

Bronze Lion - Social & Influencer

3x Shortlist - Multiple Categories

Clio Awards 

Silver Winner - Branded Entertainment & ContentSilver Winner - Branded Entertainment & Content

LIA Awards

Bronze - Integration - Zeitgeist

Golden Drum 

Grand Prix -  DIGITAL CRAFT, Use of AR / VR

Silver Drum -  ACTIVATION, Cross-Platform Activation

Silver Drum -  ENGAGEMENT, Direct


Silver Drum -  BRAND BUILDING, Brand Introduction

Bronze Drum -  INTEGRATED, Food & Drinks

New York Festival 

Bronze - Direct: Best Use

Finalist - Activation & Engagement: Best UseBronze - Direct: Best Use 

Finalist - Activation & Engagement: Best Use


Grand Prix - Social & Influencers 

Gold - Brand Experience & Activation and 

Gold - Digital Craft 

Bronze - Social & Influencers 

Bronze - Integrated


Global Chief Creative Officer Publicis WW: Bruno Bertelli
Chief Creative Officer: Cristiana Boccassini & Mihnea Gheorghiu
Global Chief Strategy Officer: Bela Ziemann
Le Pub Amsterdam GM: Eleni Charakleia
Executive Creative Director: Andrey Tyukavkin
Creative Director: Eoin Sherry, Alessandro Candito, Matteo Grandese
Art Director: Alessandro Agnellini, Maria Carrillo, Valentino Borghesi, Victor Lopez, Patrick Rossa
Copywriter: Daniela De Seta, Jonay Sosa, Andrey Yarinich, David Casares, Mario Rasero
Account Director: Madalina Marica, Gonzalo Gutierrez, Matilde Dettin, Alessandra Granata
Client Account Director: Paola Natellis, Matteo Della Venezia
Strategic Planner/Strategist: Monica Radulescu, Melike Akyar, Daniel Vargas Gomez, Mina Baginova, Ilko Petkov, Donnchadh O'Sullivan, Alex Moore
Senior Planner: Niccolo Rigo, Charles Laporte Aust
Music: Grand Central Recording Studio
Agency Producer: Francesca Zazzera, Sabrina Sanfratello, Matilde Bonanni,
Account Executive: Tinatin Prangishvili, Federica Mileti
Digital Project Manager: Christopher Handsley

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