When we built the gaming platform for Heineken, Not all nights out are out, we wanted to make bars feel more like games and games feel more like bars. Beer Matchmaking touches on one of the biggest tensions gamers experience in multiplayer games: the matchmaking algorithm sucks. To solve this, we created a PoS activation that would allow gamers shopping at grocery stores across Brazil to connect with other players based on the games they needed a partner or squad for. All they needed was to choose the game they wanted to play, submit their availability, and share their gamertag. The same way you'd strike up a conversation over a beer with someone in a bar, now you'd get on a game over a beer with someone online.​​​​​​



Global CEO Le Pub: Bruno Bertelli
Global Chief Creative Officers: Cristiana Boccassini & Mihnea Gheorghiu
Chief Creative Officer Brazil: Felipe Cury
Global Executive Creative Director: Andrey Tyukavkin
Brazil Creative Directors: Greg Kickow & Alex Adati
Associate Creative Directors: Stefano Zanoni & Roberto Ardigò
Senior Copywriter: Vinicius Biss LePub
Art Director: Mauro Elton
Copywriter: David Casares
Junior Art Director: Emanuela Gein Lombardi
Junior Copywriter: Natasha Anatra
Business Director: Jayme Neto
Group Account Director: Ilaria Castiglioni
Head of Digital Production: Vittorio Cafiero
Global Strategy Directors: Monica Radulescu & James Moore
Head of Strategy: Silvia Paes
Global Data Strategist: lko Petkov
Data Strategist: Andrea Battista
Global Chief Production Officer: Francesca Zazzera
Producers: Marcia Lacazze & Sabrina Sanfratello

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